[Drabble] {Love Letter series} #4 Wonwoo Ver. – Proud(Neck)lace – By BaekMinJi93

Dedicate fiction for Seventeen 1st Album (Love & Letter) >.<
4th series starring with uri "Freak Oppa" /peace/
Hope you like it, buddy ^-^



BaekMinJi93’s proudly present ~


Special dedicated fanfiction forSeventeen 1st Album “Love Letter”


#4 Wonwoo Ver. – PROUD(NECK)LACE


Starring withSeventeen’s Jeon WonwooOC’s

|Fluff – Romance |Drabble |General – Teen|

Previous series :

|#1 Joshua Ver.| #2 S.Coups Ver.| #3 Mingyu Ver. |

Story is purely mine. Don’t be a COPYCAT or PLAGIARISM, buddy!


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