[Ficlet] Accident Of Love

#HelloJuly with shipper kesayangan :v
Semoga ada special stage buat mereka lah aminnnnn…


Accident Of Love.png


©2016, BaekMinJi93


Special starring with

GFriend’s Choi Yuju and Seventeen’s Lee Dokyeom

| slight! Comedy — Fluff — Romance —Slice Of Life | Ficlet | Teens |


Inspired by Yuju and Dokyeom individual teaser comeback.

There’s nothing mine, but only for storyplot is purely MINE!

Don’t be a plagiarism and be a good readers, guys ^^

“Siapa bilang aku peduli denganmu?”


Lihat pos aslinya 238 kata lagi


Please take your bill here, dear ^^

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