93’s Vintage Cafe Special Maps




Before you order our vintage menu, we proudly invite you to exploring our cafe. Remind our many experience about the misguided visitors, we will give you a special maps. On the maps, we explain about 5 big area and they each a special function. And here it is…




  • Tester Area. At the first bend this cafe, you will found the banner “Tester Area”. There, you can try the new special recipe (croissants or coffee) by our talented chef. .. I will give you a discount if you give a beatiful feedback for us. So, don’t be miss it, dear.
  • Amazing Kitchen. An actually, it’s a secret area, but we will give you a special facilities. Remember this, we give it just for you not for everyone. There, we will share a secret recipes how to making delicious croissants or coffee. So, keep it as good as you kept your big shame experience.
  • Beauty Warehouse. First thing at your mind about “warehouse” word is “disorder”, isn’t it? No, it was a big mistake if you think our warehouse like the most ordinary disorder warehouse, cause we organize the menus according by alphabet. Yes, you can found our old menus at here be easier. N/B :  Coffee word with lenght “Non-Chapt” and Croissants word with lenght “Chapter”.
  • Private Room. Next, you will found the last bend. On that bend, you will immediately to found our owner’s private room. At the private room, you can meet with the cafe’s owner.
  • Meeting Room. Wanna to invest your stock with us? You and our owner can talk about it on this room.



Beside this, everything has rules and you must be obey with our rules. Here some rules while exploring this cafe :

  • Don’t bashing our menus. If you don’t like with our menus, you can tell us and we will give the best menu some other time.
  • Don’t be a plagiarism. After you try our menu and you like it or you want to making it, it’s okay. But you must ask about it to me. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a permission an you must copy my croissant or coffee link as source.
  • Don’t be silent visitor. You come and left after you try our menu, .. you’re so bad. Like the other cafe, after you enjoy with our menu, you must pay it. You can pay it by your beautiful comment. All of the comment from you, we will appreciate it.


Additional Information :

  • Tester Area >> For updates
  • Amazing Kitchen >> Lil bit information about my cast
  • Beauty Warehouse >> My fanfiction library
  • Private Room >> About blog’s owner
  • Meeting Room >> Wanna know blogroll with me?


Well, I think that’s enough. I hope you enjoy our menus and our rules. Thank you…


Warm Regards,

Cafe’s Owner

— BaekMinJi93 —