Iona Young

Visualization by Shin Yeeun
Visualization by Shin Yeeun

Iona Young Facts:

  1. Iona Young; was born on September 03rd, 2000 in Oxford, UK. But since she was 5 years old, she spend her life in London until she was 16 years old and moved to Seoul, South Korea.
  2. 165 cm – 55 kg as her height and weight. Dark brown straight hair and black eyes that describe her elegant soul.
  3. The girl with A blood type; so it’s not be surprising if she had a melancholic-lil-bit-phlegmatic character.
  4. Born with a half British-Korean blood in her body, she have a noble ancestry last generation of Sir William Cecil; who is an adviser to the Queen Elizabeth I. But she didn’t want to reveal the facts and always be friendly to everyone.
  5. Like her bestfriend, Nessa Han, she having addicted with casual style but still have classy inside.
  6. Like to do something with a detailed and well-planned and if it fails, she will feel dissatisfied or even be depression.
  7. Dog lovers, but her mother had never given permission to her for take care of puppy because she had an allergy. So she often visited animal shelters after school without getting caught her mother.
  8. Na Jaemin’s lover; since Nessa introduced them to each other. But unfortunately, they have a different school now.