Nessa Han

Visualization by Charlottelum
Visualization by Charlottelum

Nessa Han Facts:

  1. Nessa Han; was born on June 26th, 2000 in London, UK. But ‘cause her father is businessman, since she was 10 years old she spend her life in Seoul, South Korea.
  2. 164 cm – 40 kg as her height and weight. Dark brown—blonde straight hair—but during the holidays sometimes she dye her hair, and has a pair of black eyes.
  3. The girl with O blood type and because of her pride, she has melancholic-lil-bit-choleric character.
  4. A lil sister from Naysa and Jane Han. This fact make she acting spoiled and moody.
  5. At first sight, everyone says she’s introvert and cold girl. In fact, it’s only because she feel awkward with new people. She looks introvert, but so very fussy with her family and bestfriend.
  6. Purple, pink, white addicted. Having interest with casual style and dress, so make she look to be feminine. She also having addicted with the foods of strawberry flavor, but she doesn’t like strawberry fruit and spicy food.
  7. Iona Young, Na Jaemin, Yang Yena are her bestfriend. Her friend always call them as “NANNY SQUAD”. They have a same school, except Iona.
  8. Kim Mingyu’s lover. She often being acting spoiled and Mingyu will cook for her or made a cup of coffee art with his magic skill.